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I share your love of science. I love this web sight and hope to use it in my classes as we gear up for the science fair in February. I want my students to find experiments that they find interesting. PLEASE keep up this web sight. I think it is great!!
– A Sixth Grade Science Teacher

Reeko thanks a bunch for your website. I couldn’t find any website except yours that was good.
– AMGirl

So glad I found this site! I’m a high school senior taking physics and need some Exta Credit. I’m sure your “Inertia and Momentum Experiment” will earn it for me. This is an awesome site!! Thanks so much!
– LoveLit

I heard about your site from browsing the web. I was very lucky to have found it!!!! Thank you for all of your help. I am using some of your things for my science resource book project as well as performing some of your experiments with my nieces and nephews
– Jeannette Chappell

I’ve been looking through all kinds of science resources.  Yours is tops!!   I particularly need true experiments rather than demonstrations, they have been tough to find.  Your site has also been the best resource for that so far. –
Linda Christiansen

THANK YOU very much for this page.  I have looked and looked for information on the two projects I have to do in school and when I finally found it on your page I jumped for joy.  I have a hard time in science and this is a required project so I thought what I picked would be easy but finding any type of information on why it works the way they do was next to impossible.  Again THANK YOU for your web page.   THANKS, THANKS, THANKS.
– Ciji

Great site! I was able to assist my son in gathering ideas for a lab experiment. It provided some examples and stimulate thought on several other possibilities! Thanks Reeko!!!!
– Ernie

Bravo! A wonderfully entertaining and worthwhile site … for children, parents, students, and teachers alike. I never want to leave!
– Todd

It’s probably the only science website I’ve been to that wasn’t boring…the jokes were cute without being corny.
– Brenda

Don’t change a thing. And thank you for making learning fun.
– Tom

Excellent!  Well presented. Nicely organized.  Casual, friendly and fun style.  Definitely piques the curiosity and encourages thinking.
– L Borshardiji

I’m 13 and hate school!! But I absolutely love this web site!
– Lyndsey

Your experiments are fun and very well written out so even Moms who hate science can figure them out!
– R. McKinney

Reeko! You’re a GENIUS!! I’ve never seen such an amazing Web site in all of my life. Tons of interesting science facts, superb graphics, absolutely spectacular! You must be the Einstein of the 90’s!
Reeko John Smith


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