Nearly spherical globular star cluster Caldwell 84

The geeks at NASA just released a treasure trove of new images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. The Hubble telescope can take very clear pictures because it orbits above the Earth’s atmosphere. The telescope is continually improved by spacewalking astronauts too so the pictures just keep getting better.

Check out the newest Hubble Space Telescope images in the picture gallery below.

  • Nearly spherical globular star cluster Caldwell 84
  • Spiral galaxy Caldwell 29 aka NGC 5005
  • Dwarf galaxy and satellite of Andromeda galaxy Caldwell 18 aka NGC 185
  • Galactic bulge of Spiral galaxy Caldwell 40 aka NGC 3626
  • The elderly Lenticular galaxy Caldwell 53 aka NGC 3115
  • Open star cluster Caldwell 82 aka NGC 6193 and its 2 O-type stars
  • Edge of dark nebula Caldwell 99 aka Coalsack Nebula
  • Youg blue stars (blue stragglers) in Caldwell 108 aka NGC 4372
  • Planetary nebula Caldwell 6 aka NGC 6543
  • Revisiting the Veil Nebula

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