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Hydnellum peckii or Bleeding Tooth Fungus looks like a delicious sweet treat

As they grow older, the Hydnellum peckii or Bleeding Tooth Fungus becomes gray and dull in colorFound in North America and Europe, the “strawberries and cream” fungus, known affectionately to scientists as Hydnellum peckii or the Bleeding Tooth Fungus, is a fungus that looks like a delicious sweet treat. When young, this organism excretes a red fluid that looks like blood giving the Bleeding Tooth Fungus its unique creamy-dotted appearance. It is not believed to be poisonous although it is considered inedible due to its horribly bitter taste.

Its common name (Bleeding Tooth Fungus) comes from the teethlike spines that hang down from its underside and release spores. Other names for Hydnellum peckii include bleeding Hydnellum, red-juice tooth, and Devil’s tooth. It is found around the Pacific Northwest (e.g. Washington, Orgeon) in North America and around Italy, Germany, and Scotland in Europe. The bloody-red fruit bodies of the organism are prized as a dye (coloring) agent.


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