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Mount Tavurvur Papua New Guinea 2014 eruption

This incredible footage shows the August 29, 2014 eruption of the Mount Tavurvur volcano in Papua New Guinea and the powerful shockwave that rippled through the clouds above the volcano. The film was shot by a tourist on a boat off the coast of Papua. Thankfully, the brave tourist held steady and captured this amazing video which has already helped scientists better understand not only volcanic eruptions but the phenomenal properties of the tremendous shockwave that resulted from the explosion.

The video below captures Mount Tavurvur belching out a thick tower of ash thousands of feet into the skies above the island of New Britain. The ash from the volcano reached 60,000 feet into the air!


Analysis of August 29, 2014 Papua New Guinea volcanic eruption


Mount Tavurvur is one of the most active, and dangerous, volcanoes in Papua New Guinea. In 1994, the nearby town of Rabaul was destroyed when Mount Tavurvur erupted. In 2006, a blast from the volcano shattered windows up to 8 miles away and sent an ash plume 11 miles into the sky.

Sources: Phil McNamaras, New York Daily News, CNN, The Washington Post

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