The 2,200 pound bad-boy crocodile had already killed four men and injured many more when the villagers, who were terrified to approach Lake Victoria where the man-eater lived, finally had enough. Angry villagers approached the Uganda Wildlife Authority (presumably with torches in hand) demanding they do something about it – and they did. After a four-day search, the man-eating croc was trapped by officials using the old “meat on a hook” trick. The crocodile measured about 20 feet long, weighed in excess of one ton, and was estimated to be about 80 years old (yeah, I know, you’d think with 80 years of life experience behind him, he wouldn’t have fallen for the “meat on a hook” trick).

Tipping the scales at 2,205 pounds, the crocodile was only about 100 pounds shy of the world record (which is held by a saltwater croc named Lolong that was captured in the Philippines). Over 100 people lined the shore along the lake as the UWA wardens toted the beast to shore and loaded it on a flatbed truck.  Despite angry protests from the frightened villagers, the green beast was not euthanized (that means they didn’t kill it) and instead, will be transferred to the Murchison Falls national park, which prompted Reeko to wonder, “Why are they moving it to the largest national park in Uganda – a favorite stopover for uh, foreign tourists?”

Check out the pictures of the giant crocodile below.


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