Starving polar bear photographed in Norilsk Russia 2019

Starving polar bear photographed in Norilsk Russia 2019

Residents of Norilsk, Russia woke to a strange site. A starving polar bear was roaming the streets looking for food.

The animal would normally be in the Kara Sea area, about 300 miles from Norilsk, but climate change has forced animals such as this, to roam far from home looking for food and habitat they require to survive.

The polar bear was photographed roaming throughout the city looking for food. Its paws are blackened with mud accumulated during its long trek. Authorities in the area say the polar bear may be sedated and transported to a zoo.

World Wildlife Fund’s Russia office told reporters:

“It’s not normal for them to walk so far south, but the unusual situation can happen because of the lack of natural food and ice.”

The Arctic region is warming about twice as fast as the global average and much faster than scientists thought it would heat up. This is causing ice shelves in the region to melt and disappear. Polar bears use ice shelves for hunting. The warming has caused a large drop in polar bear populations.



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