Large Frogmouth bird funny

Meet the the terrifying large frogmouth, or Batrachostomus auritus, a bird native to Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Brunei. It’s menacing jagged shape and brown camouflaged feathers make it look like some sort of jungle stealth fighter looking for a fight. And don’t even think about getting near its baby (look closely at the picture).

OMG, lookout! It's a terrifying Large Frogmouth bird

No, wait. I’m sorry. It’s called a “large frogmouth” bird because its mouth looks like a, eh, funny frog mouth. Not to mention its head looks a bit like a coconut.

Large Frogmouth bird funny
Ba, ha, ha. Some jungle birds get no respect.

“Hold on a minute, Reeko. Did you just say my head looks like a coconut? Why, I oughta…”

Large Frogmouth bird and its baby

It’s dark brown and black markings make it hard to spot in the forest. In fact, scientists are not even sure how many there are. They just know it’s fairly rare to see one.

The Large Frogmouth roosts during the day and hunts from a perch or tree hole by night. It mostly eats insects and small children and screeches like a banshee when it goes in for the kill.

Large Frogmouth bird camouflaged

“Ha, ha. Someone is spreading a rumor that I eat small children!”

Large Frogmouth bird laughing?

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