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Giant friggin insect discoverd in China is world's largest acquatic bug

Scientists in China, ever eager to freak us out, have discovered what they believe is the world’s largest aquatic insect. With a wingspan of nearly a foot, the enormous new insect is part of the Megaloptera group which includes dobsonflies, fishflies and other similar species. It’s as big as a sparrow bird and if its size doesn’t give you the shivers, it’s horn-like jaws will set you to quivering.

Standard warning/disclaimer: Reeko takes no responsibility for children’s nightmares. Any resemblance between the character in this picture and any persons, living or dead, is a miracle (and anyone resembling said character is better off moving to an isolated island and spending the remainder of their lives in solitude). Said insect has been known to carry off cats, dogs, and small children.

Check out the awesome giant insect pictures below (click picture for even larger view of the giant bug).

Sources: (some newspaper in China who’s name we cannot pronounce)

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