Closeup of eagle eye

Closeup of eagle eye

Eagle - side of headEagles are regal, powerful animals. At the top of the bird food chain, they can grow up to 7-foot wide and weigh up to 15 lbs. They can carry their weight (15 pounds) while flying. This lets them carry an animal about the weight of a baby mule deer. Their eyes are extremely powerful, about 3-times more powerful than a human’s eye (their eyesight is about 20/5 vs. 20/20 for a human).

An eagle’s eye fills a large portion of its head. Unlike a human, their eyes are fixed – they cannot move their eyes in the eyeball socket. To look around, they must turn their head. When hunting, they swivel their head back and forth looking for prey. Their fixed eye design gives the eye great stability.

Eagles can use each eye individually for monocular vision or both eyes together for binocular vision. In addition, each eye has two focal points. One focal point looks forward while the other looks to the side. This lets the eagle look forward and sideways at the same time. In fact, they can see almost all the way behind their heads.

Eagles can see something the size of a rabbit up to three miles away. If humans had eagle eyes, they would be able to see an ant crawling on the sidewalk from atop a 10-story building.

Eagles can see many more colors than a human. If you could see with eagle-eye colors, it would be an unimaginable colorful array. They can even see UV light colors which lets them see the urine trail of prey. To top off their remarkable eyesight, they can see in the dark too!

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