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A density column

The ‘Am I Dense’ experiment

In our floating experiment, we touched on the topics of buoyancy. But in reality, flotation is also affected by other scientific principles as well. Here, let Reeko demonstrate…

  1. Pour one-third cup of syrup into the glass jar.
  2. Now pour one-third cup of cooking oil into the jar.
  3. Finally, pour one-third cup of water into the jar.
  4. Let the contents settle for a few minutes.
  5. Drop a piece of plastic, a grape, and a small cork into the liquid.

Notice how the objects you dropped in settle down to different layers of the mixture. The liquids have different densities. The most dense (syrup) will be at the bottom, the least dense (oil) will be at the top, with the water in between. Each object will sink to the level of the liquid that has a greater density than the object. The object will then float on that layer.

Experiment Supplies

Supplies: Vegetable oil, Glass jar, Syrup, Grape, Cork, Piece of plastic


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