Can we please lower the pressure in here?

Can we please lower the pressure in here? Named after Daniel Bernoulli, the Bernoulli Principle states that as the velocity of a fluid increases, a decrease in pressure occurs. The mathematician Daniel discovered many new ideas regarding fluids and pressure. For instance, Bernoulli, who had earlier begun to study medicine, wanted to know about the relationship between the rate of blood flow and its pressure. He poked a hole in a pipe and stuck a straw in it and noticed that when the fluid sped up, the liquid rose higher in the straw. Soon doctors all over Europe were poking holes in patient’s arms and sticking little glass tubes in them to test their blood pressure. Ouch! This practice continued for nearly 200 years until…
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Waxing poetic – soda can, balloon, and static electricity experiment

NEWSFLASH - Soft drink cans HATE balloons! How many times have you snickered at Dad walking around the house with a sock stuck to his back? Or watched as he ran his hand up his shirt to scratch and pulls out one of those antistatic dryer sheets? The reason these items sticks to Dad has nothing to do with his popularity in the laundry world. It’s simply due to the fact that the laundry items are chock full of electrons and Dad, well, he’s just not. Take a soda can and lay it on its side on a smooth flat surface. Now rub the balloon back and forth on the top of your head. Yes, Reeko agrees that you look pretty silly rubbing that balloon…
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