Science Tips

All about those mesmerizing lava lamps

History of Lava Lamps Lava Lamps (or Lava Lites) have been around longer than anyone can really remember. A man named Craven Walker saw a similar type lamp in a pub where he was drinking an ale. He described it as a "contraption made out of a cocktail shaker, old tins and things." Walker, being an inventor, was determined to make an even better version of the lamp and spent the next 10 years working on a better model (during this time he also ran a house-swap agency and made a film on nudism). Once Walker perfected the right combination of oil, wax, and other solids, he named the new lamp Astro. The original version had tiny lights at the bottom to simulate starlight. He…
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Charge Up a Light Bulb – electrical charges experiment

Charge Up a Light Bulb Ever had this happen in your house - something gets broken and Dad goes over and takes a look at it.  He studies it for a while and then suddenly - a little light bulb goes on above his head?  Everybody in the house sighs and knows it's in everyone's best interest to get out of there - quick. In this experiment, we'll make a fluorescent light bulb 'go on' - literally.  And no evacuation will be called Take the comb and light bulb into a dark closet. Take the comb and rub it thoroughly through your hair.  If you don't have any hair, a wool shirt or sweater will work fine. Now hold the comb to the metal end…
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