OK, I’ll assume you’re having some trouble finding the Pots of Gold. Here are some tips that should help you along a little.

  1. Treasures can be found by clicking on ‘hidden’ links. These may be very small links (and thus somewhat difficult to see) or links that are somewhat misleading. They may also be located on ‘odd’ parts of the page. Be sure to look carefully on the pages you explore.
  2. Treasure may be found on offsite links. In other words, where you see links to other Web sites – try them out!
  3. Treasures may be hidden in some of the pictures you see in Reeko’s Mad Scientist Lab. Look at the pictures carefully!
  4. Treasures and clues may be found within the text of the experiments and science tips.   Read everything carefully!

Other places you may find Pots of Gold:

  1. Treasure may appear and disappear on a whim. They may also ‘fly’ across a page (which means you’ve got to be quick in order to click on them as they go by).
  2. Some treasures may be hidden behind other images (how do you get to those?)
  3. Some treasures may ‘pop out’ whenever you move your mouse cursor into a certain position.

If you read something or see something that seems a little ‘out of place’ – experiment with it! It may be a hidden treasure…

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